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National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

National 5 Revision Guides and Questions

Hello National 5s

Below are the revision guides for your three units to complete in the exam.

I will add more and more revision guides to this website for the topics that you need to know about for the exam.

Remember to use this website to help or come along to B12 after school for help.


Use these Revision Questions to help test your knowledge of the above content. There are revision guides on this page for most of the topics if you need extra help.

National 5- Revision Questions


Alternative Options to Euthanasia

Alternative Options to Euthanasia

There are many alternative options to Euthanasia.

The NHS has provided some details of alternatives.


It would be good exam revision to learn about a few of these and the arguments for and against that option.


Embryo Research

Embryo Research

In your Morality and Medicine topic you may be asked about Embryo Research and viewpoints related to it. Here are some resources you can use to help you revise for this section.

What is Embryo Research?


Humanist (non-religious) response to Embryo Research


Buddhist Response to Embryo Research