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Character Education – Inspiring Purpose – What is Character?

Character Education – Inspiring Purpose – What is Character?

I love this time of year!

Starting the Inspiring Purpose project with S2s. Formerly Inspire Aspire, this is a project that looks at developing pupils character, their inspirations and ambition. It is a project run all across the Commonwealth, if you haven’t heard of it you can read more about it here! 

I will document our progress throughout the process and share some of our entries. Firstly we started thinking about our own character and what is character?  This 8 Minute video is great for that!

Next the Pupils wrote about the type of person they aspire to be. I have created a Slideshow of some of their answers! They are utterly brilliant!




We then took the ‘periodic table of characters strengths’ and decided on what ones are the most important. There was a great discussion in some classes about whether Honesty is the best policy and what is the difference between being a ‘snake’ and not being a bystander. We talked about this poem here.


Over the next few weeks the pupils at Musselburgh Grammar School are going to be taking part in this project and forming their own action plan for the future!

Skills Posters – Free Printables!

Skills Posters – Free Printables!

I used an unexpected day off yesterday (Our Fire Alarms were broken) to create some posters for my classroom.

Sharing is caring and all that so have uploaded them below. Would be good to know if they are useful to you. Feedback would be appreciated too. Obviously some of them have our school logo or name on them but can provide blank copies if you wish.

These were all made on Canva, my new favourite website!Skills in RMPSRespectInvestigation

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